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Published: 15th June 2010
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2008 3 24, Shanghai, China, PEEC International Exhibition on plant extracts officially released in Shanghai, "China's development of plant extracts market research report" The report shows that more than 80% of Chinese plant extract materials for export-oriented and export regional distribution in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America, Southeast Asia is China's main export market of plant extracts.

Plant extract is an important part of biological medicine, is widely used in herbal medicine, food additives, functional food, daily chemical, botanical pesticides and veterinary drugs and other production areas. With the rapid development of biomedicine in the 21st century, the influence of new medical model, with activity or function of plant extracts products favored and widely recognized in the world.

According to "China's development of plant extracts market research report" shows that Chinese enterprises plant extracts generally young, but very high degree of specialization. Of which nearly 70% of the enterprises were engaged in 2001 after the plant extract business, nearly 50% of the total business enterprises plant extracts were the proportion of their overall business more than 80%.

Plant extracts in China for more than 90% of the supply of products in functional food ingredients, food supplements, raw materials, pharmaceutical health care products and cosmetics raw materials markets, which supply a larger proportion of medical care in the field, accounting for more than 36%.

80% or more of the Chinese plant extracts export-oriented enterprise products, regional distribution of exports in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. Chinese enterprises generally think of plant extracts, peer competition and a lack of foreign-related technology is the development of China's plant extracts market, the major difficulties. But the enterprise market plant extracts industry confidence in the capacity gradually to expand the current needs of its market development and market potential of more standardized.

The world's plant extracts market, the growth rate has been higher than the growth rate of the world pharmaceutical market, the world's plant extracts market rate of about 20% of global annual sales of plant extracts 65 billion. According to statistics, by 1995, exports of plant extracts in China never more than 50,000,000 U.S. dollars, while in 2007, exports of plant extracts in China reached 4.8 billion dollars.

For "your product is what the current difficulties," the problem, according to companies surveyed KingLeap Chen Fuyun introduced in more than 500 companies surveyed, 90% of enterprises believe that the peer competition, market potential development The market weakness is the market of plant extracts of the three major problems encountered, but also reflects China's plant extracts market opportunities lie.

With the worldwide rise of the natural medicine market, plant extracts will also become a hot spot. Since 2000, around the medicinal plant extracts has set off an upsurge of investment. This is a new investment hot, large-scale, high starting point, on the Improvement of medicinal plant extracts in the production and operation scale and technical level will have some role in promoting.

Learned, PEEC International Exhibition on plant extracts from the famous exhibition organization Tarsus Hope Exhibition co-organized groups and KingLeap, PEEC is the first in China and Asia-Pacific large-scale international plant extracts exhibition, this exhibition will be held 16-18 October 2008 in Shanghai, China East Asia Exhibition Hall, an exhibition area of 4,000 square meters, located more than 200 international standard booths.

More information, please visit PEEC official website: www.chinapeec.com

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